Car Hire in Lisbon


Lisbon is the largest city in Portugal as well as the capital city with a population of more than 3 million and an area covering more than 80 sq/km so it stands to reason that there are plenty of things for a traveler to see and do during their visit. This is an important city for commerce, media, finance and entertainment making it a popular location with both business and leisure travelers – all can benefit from a hire car.

Lisbon Airport

Lisbon Portela Airport welcomes more than 16 million travelers every year, already one of the largest in Southern Europe it is continually expanding to deal with the rapidly increasing numbers of travelers who pass through the airport each year. A number of car hire companies are represented at the airport helping passengers to continue along their journey with flexibility and independence. These car hire companies include;

  • Europcar
  • Hertz
  • Budget
  • Avis

Travelers heading north should take the exit marked A1 Lisbon on the 2a circular road and travelers heading south should take exit 2a to the Vasca de Gama Bridge.

Attractions In and Around Lisbon

Lisbon old town at night, Portugal

There are some great attractions just a short driving distance from Lisbon including;

  • Sintra – is just a half hours drive from Lisbon and a fabulous place to spend a few hours, the A-9 and A-16 do incur some tolls but the charges are minimal. There are three fabulous Palaces to visit (Royal Palace, Pena Palace and Regaleira Palace & Gardens) plus a magnificent Moorish Castle.
  • Estoril – is a delightful coastal town with beaches, golf courses, a castle and casino – one of the town’s claims to fame is that it was allegedly the inspiration behind Casino Royale.
  • Fatima – this 130 km journey will take around an hour and a half from Lisbon and is a very important site for Catholic pilgrimages, the Sanctuary of Fatima is the site of an apparition in 1917 of the Virgin Mary. Other apparition sightings have been reported in the area.

Whether you want to make the most of your trip around the city itself or visit some of the marvelous places and attractions on the outskirts of Lisbon a hire car really can make all the difference to the enjoyment of your trip. In order to get the best deal possible remember to check plenty of comparison and car hire websites – a few good ones to start off with include:


7 Tips to Keep In Mind Before You Make a Car Hire Booking



There are a lot of things that should be on your mind when you are planning a trip abroad. From knowing the dos and don’ts of the road rules to the must-see sights at your destinations, you have to keep your eyes open for every little detail. By ensuring that all the arrangements are perfect beforehand, you can enjoy your vacation with peace of mind.

Not to forget that while travelling abroad, you cannot imagine yourself having a good time without a car. This is when car rental services come in. There are several local and international car rental service providers available for you to make your choice from.

However, if you are travelling for the first time and have no experience of dealing with the car rental service providers, here are a couple of tips that should guide you through and save you some time and money.

1. Book In Advance

Make it a point, whether you are planning long relaxing trips with family or it’s just some me time or even a business trip – always book in advance. All these online websites are there for your convenience, and you can save a ton of money if you make your reservations online and at least 2-3 weeks in advance.

2. Compare the Rates Online

Due to advancements in technology, many websites now offer you their services to get the best rates for all your travelling needs. They negotiate on your behalf with the car rental dealers to get you optimal experience.

3. Avoid Travel Agents

This may seem like a convenient idea to let your travel agent make the decision for your car rental services, but it will not be economical. Travel agents will make the reservations for you based on the commission they will get from the rental services. It is best that you do the research on your own. It’s not that hard after all!

4. Put Airport Rentals Off Of Your List

Consider the option of the Airport rental services as a no-no. Airport rental services should be your option only if there is an emergency and last minute planning. Otherwise checking out local car rental stations would be the most economical idea.

5. Think Before Paying In Advance

Euro-Geldscheine mit Kette und Vorhängeschloss

Some of the online rates comparison websites list car rental dealers which ask for prepay and offer discounts in lieu of it. But be aware that prepaying can cost you cancellation charges. Go for the car dealers who don’t charge you for cancellation or don’t pay in advance.

6. Ensure the Condition of the Car before Leaving the Station

You shouldn’t feel embarrassed on insisting with your dealer to take pictures of your ride before you leave the station. Also make sure that you have an affirmation from your dealer about the condition of the car when you return it.

7. Ensure That You Are Covered In Case Of An Emergency!

Driving abroad can be very risky. You might not be aware of the driving habits of the locals. Considering that driving safe and avoiding any sort of accident is solely your responsibility would be a good idea.

It’s not jinxing at all to prepare yourself for the worst scenario in advance. You should consult your agent at your auto insurance provider about the amount that is covered in case of an accident or emergency. Sometimes, if you pay for rental car service via a credit card, your service provider offers the coverage in case of loss/damage.


Car Hire in Pisa


Pisa is probably most well known for its famous leaning tower, the bell tower of the cathedral in the city, but there are plenty more things to see and do on a trip to this beautiful part of Italy. Located in central Tuscany the city has a rich and colorful history with many fine palaces, churches and spectacular bridges over the River Arno.

Pisa Airport Car Hire

Pisa Airport is in a delightful coastal location only a kilometer from the city and just 80 kilometers from fabulous Florence with terrific road and motorway networks making driving remarkably quick and easy.  The car hire desks are approximately 500 meters from the terminal with a shuttle bus service running between the two, alternatively it’s just a five minute walk. A variety of car hire firms are represented at the airport including;

  • Auto Europa
  • Avis
  • EuropCar
  • Hertz
  • Liberty Rentals
  • Locauto Enterprise
  • Maggiore
  • Sixt
  • Firefly
  • GoldCar

With such a large number of companies to choose from it stands to reason that competition is fierce and you should be able to find a good deal on your car hire rates.

Attractions In and Around Pisa

Famous leaning tower of Pisa during summer day

Any previous visitors will testify that there is no shortage of places to visit and things to do when you fly into Pisa airport on a trip to beautiful Tuscany. Florence is just 80 km down the road making it a popular destination for day trippers or people who want to spend more time in the fabulous historic city. A handful of the fabulous things just a short drive from Pisa includes;

  • Beaches – you may not initially think of visiting the beach on a trip to Pisa, but it is actually very close to the sea and after a few days taking in the sights of the city a day at the beach could be a welcome break. Tirrenia and Marina del Pisa are the closest beach towns to the city only a short drive away.
  • Regional Park Migliarino San Rossore Massaciuccoli – a beautiful place to relax, take a barbecue or just watch the world go by. Fabulous choices of activities include horse racing, horseback riding, cycling, the beach or just enjoying the natural surroundings.
  • Orciatico – a superb village perched on the hilltops between Florence and Siena, small, friendly and delightfully Italian. This place is well worth stopping by on a road trip around the area.

This beautiful area really has far too many delightful things to see both in the city of Pisa and the surrounding countryside. A hire car can help to turn a good trip into a fantastic trip. Check out a selection of car hire websites before you book anything to make sure that you’re getting the best possible deal. A good place to start would be:


Car Hire in and around Paris


Paris, the cultural hub of Europe, sees around 44 million visitors every year out of which 17 million happen to be from other countries. There are many things to do and many places to visit while in Paris and the best way to do it is in your own time and in your own car. If you have not brought your car over, then go in for car hire in Paris, which is available in all ranges and models.

Important Info

If you are coming from the United States, then you can use your driver’s license to drive around while other international customers will be required to have an international license for driving.  Most car rental agencies encourage their customer to book online and they will give discounts when you pay ahead of time.

US insurance agencies may also not give insurance coverage while abroad, so you many have to pay anything between 10 to 20 dollars a day for insurance while in Paris. Be careful while driving in any new place to avoid accidents and you might find that driving on the highways is easier than driving within the city.   Avoid returning your rental cars late as some companies charge nearly a 100 Euros extra as late fee.  In case you are driving from the countryside and into the city, give at least two hours to reach your destination to avoid being late.

Best Car Hire Service in Paris

Paris is aiming to become a green city by cutting down on its carbon emissions and so has launched Autolib’ car rental scheme which uses “blue cars” powered by electric motors.  All you have to do is subscribe to the program and the car is yours for as long as you need it.  However, if your stay in Paris in less than a day, then you can use the public transport system rather than investing in a car.

If you need a car right from Paris CDG airport, which is 25 km from Paris, you can contact Sixt car rental which has three locations for hire within the airport.  You can also get in touch with Europcar which is said to have an impressive fleet if you want a regular car for rent.  You can compare rates of big companies for car hire in Paris through the online booking site of Argus Car Hire.

Sight Seeing Essentials

Notre Dame de Paris, France

Now that you have rented your car, it is time to drive around the city and enjoy the various sights.  When one comes to Paris, the first place that one gets to see is the Eiffel Tower and in 1991, it has become a world heritage site by UNESCO.  You can even book a table at the restaurant on the first floor called “58 Tour Eiffel” and enjoy a beautiful view of the city at the same time.  The tower gets nearly 6 million visitors annually and if you have not been on a tour of the tower, then you have not seen Paris at all.

Equally famous is the Louvre Museum, which receives 10 million spectators annually and a visit to the museum can be next on your list.  The museum has an extensive collection of art from many cultures and civilizations along with masterpieces such as Venus de Milo and Mona Lisa.

Then you can spend a fun day at the Paris Disney World with your family and you can get to see two parks with one admission ticket.  You can spend as much time as you want in the Walt Disney Studios Park.  Then you can go over to the Disneyland Park and back again to the former park if you want to by using the same ticket.

A few recommended websites

5 Different Car Hire Comparison Websites



Whether vacationing with family or on a business trip, it always feels better to have a car at your disposal than being dependent on the local public transport. While hiring a car rental is a good idea, you may not want to leave it for the last minute or hire at the airport, for you, like many others may end up standing in a long line, debating about various hidden costs that can be added to the bill, worrying if your insurance covers the rental, and the feeling of desperation at the sight of a substandard vehicle. Been there, done that, and most people agree that they have learned the hard way—taking advantage of the internet is not such a bad idea.

Care Hire Company Options

There are various car rental companies and it is hard to figure out the best prices without the help of a comparison. Listed here are the top 5 websites that will make your visit a lot easier by giving you options to choose from.

  • – They company started as a small size affiliate in 2008 and has now become one of the leading websites to offer price comparisons and services from various car rental companies across the globe. Apart from that, the deals and discounts that they offer may help save on the car rental cost.
  • – Argus Car Hire has one of the simplest, most user-friendly and transparent service websites. They offer car rental from the leading vendors and a guarantee of most economic prices. Their FAQ, and T&C sections are quite detailed and their customer service is worth praise.
  • – The company has received many praises from customers for providing fair pricing and good service. Most of the leading vendors are on their list and they make sure that returning customers are well rewarded.
  • – has gathered a good reputation with their clients and the reviews on their website speaks volume about their orientation towards customer satisfaction.
  • – Kayak has many satisfied customers and has been praised for being user friendly as well as offering great prices and options. The best part about the website is, it saves people a lot of time by pulling data from all possible sources so the customer doesn’t have to search various websites.

Though the websites mentioned offer great prices and services if you do not take the time to read and understand all the clauses of terms then you might end up dissatisfied and cheated out of your money. Also, checking the name, terms of service and reviews of the car rental companies who would be providing the vehicle would be a good idea before entering the card details, just to be on the safe side. According to many customers the lowest price may not always result in satisfactory services so it is advisable that the customer try to contact the customer service and check their response time, tone of voice, along with reading various reviews.