7 Tips to Keep In Mind Before You Make a Car Hire Booking



There are a lot of things that should be on your mind when you are planning a trip abroad. From knowing the dos and don’ts of the road rules to the must-see sights at your destinations, you have to keep your eyes open for every little detail. By ensuring that all the arrangements are perfect beforehand, you can enjoy your vacation with peace of mind.

Not to forget that while travelling abroad, you cannot imagine yourself having a good time without a car. This is when car rental services come in. There are several local and international car rental service providers available for you to make your choice from.

However, if you are travelling for the first time and have no experience of dealing with the car rental service providers, here are a couple of tips that should guide you through and save you some time and money.

1. Book In Advance

Make it a point, whether you are planning long relaxing trips with family or it’s just some me time or even a business trip – always book in advance. All these online websites are there for your convenience, and you can save a ton of money if you make your reservations online and at least 2-3 weeks in advance.

2. Compare the Rates Online

Due to advancements in technology, many websites now offer you their services to get the best rates for all your travelling needs. They negotiate on your behalf with the car rental dealers to get you optimal experience.

3. Avoid Travel Agents

This may seem like a convenient idea to let your travel agent make the decision for your car rental services, but it will not be economical. Travel agents will make the reservations for you based on the commission they will get from the rental services. It is best that you do the research on your own. It’s not that hard after all!

4. Put Airport Rentals Off Of Your List

Consider the option of the Airport rental services as a no-no. Airport rental services should be your option only if there is an emergency and last minute planning. Otherwise checking out local car rental stations would be the most economical idea.

5. Think Before Paying In Advance

Euro-Geldscheine mit Kette und Vorhängeschloss

Some of the online rates comparison websites list car rental dealers which ask for prepay and offer discounts in lieu of it. But be aware that prepaying can cost you cancellation charges. Go for the car dealers who don’t charge you for cancellation or don’t pay in advance.

6. Ensure the Condition of the Car before Leaving the Station

You shouldn’t feel embarrassed on insisting with your dealer to take pictures of your ride before you leave the station. Also make sure that you have an affirmation from your dealer about the condition of the car when you return it.

7. Ensure That You Are Covered In Case Of An Emergency!

Driving abroad can be very risky. You might not be aware of the driving habits of the locals. Considering that driving safe and avoiding any sort of accident is solely your responsibility would be a good idea.

It’s not jinxing at all to prepare yourself for the worst scenario in advance. You should consult your agent at your auto insurance provider about the amount that is covered in case of an accident or emergency. Sometimes, if you pay for rental car service via a credit card, your service provider offers the coverage in case of loss/damage.