5 Different Car Hire Comparison Websites



Whether vacationing with family or on a business trip, it always feels better to have a car at your disposal than being dependent on the local public transport. While hiring a car rental is a good idea, you may not want to leave it for the last minute or hire at the airport, for you, like many others may end up standing in a long line, debating about various hidden costs that can be added to the bill, worrying if your insurance covers the rental, and the feeling of desperation at the sight of a substandard vehicle. Been there, done that, and most people agree that they have learned the hard way—taking advantage of the internet is not such a bad idea.

Care Hire Company Options

There are various car rental companies and it is hard to figure out the best prices without the help of a comparison. Listed here are the top 5 websites that will make your visit a lot easier by giving you options to choose from.

  • EconomyBookings.com – They company started as a small size affiliate in 2008 and has now become one of the leading websites to offer price comparisons and services from various car rental companies across the globe. Apart from that, the deals and discounts that they offer may help save on the car rental cost.
  • ArgusCarHire.com – Argus Car Hire has one of the simplest, most user-friendly and transparent service websites. They offer car rental from the leading vendors and a guarantee of most economic prices. Their FAQ, and T&C sections are quite detailed and their customer service is worth praise.
  • EconomyCarRentals.com – The company has received many praises from customers for providing fair pricing and good service. Most of the leading vendors are on their list and they make sure that returning customers are well rewarded.
  • Carhireairport.co.uk – Carhireairport.co.uk has gathered a good reputation with their clients and the reviews on their website speaks volume about their orientation towards customer satisfaction.
  • Kayak.com – Kayak has many satisfied customers and has been praised for being user friendly as well as offering great prices and options. The best part about the website is, it saves people a lot of time by pulling data from all possible sources so the customer doesn’t have to search various websites.

Though the websites mentioned offer great prices and services if you do not take the time to read and understand all the clauses of terms then you might end up dissatisfied and cheated out of your money. Also, checking the name, terms of service and reviews of the car rental companies who would be providing the vehicle would be a good idea before entering the card details, just to be on the safe side. According to many customers the lowest price may not always result in satisfactory services so it is advisable that the customer try to contact the customer service and check their response time, tone of voice, along with reading various reviews.